Chef Baruch works to maintain a very high level of Kashrut with his food, to allow for anyone in the community to join in a meal together.  Similarly, he is careful to craft menus in a way that does not exclude anyone at your event (gluten, meat, etc) for any significant portion of the meal.  Please read more about that in the about Food page, under the About menu.

As for Kashrut: The Hearth kitchen is its own, kosher, outdoor kitchen, and all food is almost entirely from scratch and carries a hecsher when necessary.  While the kitchen is not yet certified by any overseeing body, Baruch has worked with several Mashgichim in the area and has studied Kashrut as well.  He maintains the level of kashrut to the same standards as Beth Israel, a Modern Orthodox synagogue in Berkeley except that it is not under constant supervision, and is not technically affiliated with the synagogue.  For instance, greens are checked, kelim is kept distinct, etc.   The choice to not have constant supervision is a very intentional choice to keep costs down for you!  (We are able to charge about half of what many other kosher caterers charge!)  If, however, you do desire a mashgiach for your event, Baruch is more than happy to arrange supervision on an individual basis.

Of course, Baruch is also more than happy to answer any question that you may have about his particular or general practices on this or any related topic.  You can reach him at: Baruch@hearthnourishingfoods.com